School’s done!!!!

26 06 2007

yay school is finally finshed. Now I got time to work on my sites and hang with friends. Though I am a little angry that I did not get the job as Webmistress for an actual soccer site, o well guess they don’t belive a person of my age could handle it ūüė¶¬†

doesn’t matter I’ll live.¬† I refereed soccer today and almost got hit in the head with a ball when I went back to get a my wissle I had forgotton ><

Queen of cupcakes

30 05 2007

yes I got my network layout up and running. Took a while though. I can’t belive latley alot of webmasters are calling it quits. Anywho I found out the plan¬† for my exams:

  1.  friday may 15th Рfrench 
  2. Monday may 18th english
  3. Wensday may 20th Science
  4. Tuesday may 19th Math
  5. Thrusday may 21st Buisness

I hope I don’t fail buisness >< man I suck in that class its sooo boring man. my teacher scares me a little. yay¬†I can’t wait till my buisness exam is done cuz me and friends are going to Cafe koria¬†